Monday, January 2, 2012

Design Wall Monday

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I didn't meet my challenge. Bummer. I asked Jason yesterday if I had to give the Juki back. He told me it was a good thing the PO was closed yesterday ;)

I've been sewing like crazy and I'm completely in love with the Juki. I've named her "JJ", for "Jess' Juki".

I actually talked Jason into letting me hang a big flannel sheet in the middle of the living room to use as my design wall. I was originally going for a small corner in our bedroom, but then I thought, "If I'm gonna go, I may as well go BIG!" I assumed I could run to Walmart and find a cheap sheet. WRONG! Plain white flannel sheets aren't as easy to find as one might thing. New plan: head to Joann's and buy some plain white flannel yardage, thumb tack it to the big plain wall in the living room and remove it for company. Awesome.

Sadly, I haven't done it yet so my floor is still my design wall. I've made a few more blocks on the Irish Chain. One of my friends on Facebook suggested I water it and feed it after midnight to see if it grows. I just might give that a try!! There are so many tiny little seams in these blocks, so I'm sewing them together in fours and then sewing the chunks together. It's easier to manage than big long rows for this one....

I'm letting the boys take the rest of the week off of school because, well, because I've been sewing an not lesson planning! Lucky them. I guess. Anyway, once school starts back up next week I fear my sewing time will get drastically cut. I just have to remember my mantra for the new year: Balance.


  1. I like the idea of feeding it! Looks awesome!

  2. love seeing your pic on JudyL's link up thingy!!! I posted a comment on fb but have to share it here too! I know if you're like me, you won't mind... I love comments! :)

    after RE looking at this photo tonight on my laptop instead of my phone, I think I've decided to turn my already made 16 patch blocks for the's Patches & Pinwheels into THIS instead!!! :) *one day* several other things in the works already.

    Love from Indiana! ~bonnie

  3. I bought a flannel backed table cloth and turned it over for my design wall and it works great. Love your quilt!