Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm just sick.....

**obscene language ahead**

I. AM. FUCKING. LIVID!!! There is no delicate way to say it. So there you have it. My mail today. Or at least what's left of it. My Mother's Day gift, I'm assuming. We have two dogs. Two big dogs and our mail carrier is terrified of them. I can respect that. We live in a rual area, so she just drives around the cul de sac and puts our mail in our box and the dogs can't get to her because of the Invisible Fence. On the chance that we have a box too big to fit in the mailbox, she sits at the top of the driveway and lays on the horn for about five solid minutes. Then one of us frantically runs out to greet her to get her to stop. I can handle that. Evidently today she got over her fear. Or she figured out the dogs were inside and we were not home. And she left a box and our mail sitting on the front porch. Just sitting there. With two hungry dogs inside.
See, we don't ever use our front porch/door. See that camper? It has been sold and that spot is now where I park my van. See that right hand corner of our house? The one closest to the photographer? If you can imagine that wall just a bit further from where the picture cuts off, there is a small stooop and a door that leads directly into my kitchen. We use that door exclusively. So, imagine backing my van into the driveway (because I had groceries in the back and wanted them closest to the door) in the dark & rainy night. Imagine me grabbing my groceries and high tailing it to my kitchen door. Then imagine my dogs' excitement to see me after being out nearly all day. Then imagine my dogs' bladders and how eagerly they wanted to go outside. Then imagine their joy when they discovered a new "chew toy" left on the front porch. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how my Mother's Day gift was ruined. I intend to march my hiney up to the P.O. first thing tomorrow morning and raise 15 kinds of holy hell. Oh yes, you may just find me on YouTube tomorrow. It could get ugly.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Winner Winner, Fabric Winner....

Wow, I just kind of mentally checked out for a little while there, didn't I? Sorry about that. I finally got around to chosing winner for the fabric giveaway. Drumroll please.......

And the winner is Allison Marie!
Alison Marie said...
How funny - I just wandered over to finally say thanks for the fabric from Rosy Little Things' vintage sheet swap (but not sure which was yours b/c I unwrapped them all right away, I was so excited), and you just so happen to be doing a give-away!
My favorite part of spring cleaning is when you find something special you'd forgotten about, like a card you'd been given, or even a lost button from a favorite sweater. My least fave is that chaotic time in the middle where it looks even worse than when you started, and you just have to muscle through it!

April 8, 2010 12:41 AM

Amen girlfriend! I'm currently still in that state of "where it looks even worse than when you started". I guess I gotta get those muscles out and get working : )

You have 24 hours to contact me and then I'll get your box of goodies out in the mail! Congrats!

Monday, April 12, 2010

More Pyrex

A Facebook friend asked me about my Pyrex collection yesterday so I grabbed my camera and took pics inside my cupboards. Note, this is not my entire collection as several pieces are being used right now.

Casseroles & Divided dishes:

Smaller Casseroles & bowls:

Misc pieces:

***And no, I have not forgotten about my pending fabric giveaway. Its been sheer laziness on my part. I'll try to get to it tonight : ) ***

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Holy Moly Cow!!!

"A thrifting we will go, a thrifting we will go, high ho the diary o, a thrifting we will go."

WOW. That's pretty much all I can say. I have never gone thrifting on a Sunday evening before, but I'm beginning to think that's my new spot. The stores were dead and I hit the jackpot. More than once!! First up: PYREX!!

please ignore the mess in the background, we're having storage issues with our homeschool supplies

All of this Pyrex was found tonight. In a total of three stores. The majority of it found at one store. It was heavenly. I did observe a moment of silence. It was while I was attempting to stifle my screams. The most expensive piece was $6. Most pieces were under $3.

Check out all of the gorgeous, vintage bias tape and rick rack. Its polka dots! Seriously! They had a ton of it.

And the sheets....oh the sheets they had. I almost cried when I saw these beauties in their original packages! Seriously, I had a hard time composing myself.
And then check all of these out! My kitchen/dining room is such a cluttered mess right now. It looks like Goodwill threw up in my house. And I'm lovin' it!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I'm Purging!!!

Its Spring Cleaning Time and I'm purging big time! I can not handle this clutter anymore!! And along with purging comes some destashing!! I just realized that this week marks the two year blogiversary of my very first blog post. Holy Crap! So I thought I'd combine my destashing with a fun giveaway! There are scraps and yardage included. Some really ugly fabric and some gorgeous fabric. Some quilt shop fabric and some larger chain fabric. Its truly an eclectic mix. Just like my stash : )
You know the drill. Post a comment here if you'd like to be entered for the giveaway. How about you tell me your most favorite part and your least favorite part of Spring Cleaning! And if you want a second entry, go ahead and mention it on your blog. But come back and leave a second comment telling me you've done so. Let's see. Its Thursday afternoon here. I'll leave this open until Sunday evening. Then I can get it out in the mail early next week. Ready, Set, GO!!!!!