Monday, January 16, 2012

Design Wall Monday ~ January 16

I have a pretty full design wall right now. I got tired of looking at the Irish Chain. I need to piece some more blocks and it had pretty much out grown my wall anyway, so I took it down. So....let's take a look, shall we?

I mentioned last night that I've decided to make the 36 patch from crazymomquilts. I'm going slow, just picking two fabrics at a time. I picked the green/pink, hubby picked the green/orange. Clearly, they cannot be placed next to one another in the quilt. I think it's time a pick a block with no green.......I figure if I make one block a week, then sandwich/quilt it, I should be able to get it done this year. Haven't we all said that before?!? LOL!

My strings are out of control! I've been going over to a friend's house for a sew day a couple of times per month and since we both homeschool (read: kids are there) and we like to chat, it can be a little chaotic! I needed something to work on that didn't require precision piecing. Enter STRINGS! Like the 36 patch, this one will slowly grow over time.

Lastly, Judy picked number 5 for the UFO Challenge for this month. These blocks are blocks that I received in a virtual quilting bee a couple of years ago. I have three other blocks that won't make it into the quilt. One will be pieced into the back (the colors just don't work with the rest of them) and two will be made into pillows. Right now.....I'm just trying to figure out what to do with these 10 blocks. I'm thinking I'll sash them with random widths of Kona charcoal. We'll see....

So, there you have it. If you want to see more Design Walls, head over to Judy's post and see who's linked up!

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  1. what a great variety of projects... surly you won't get board with them! :) I think Kona black will be perfect for setting those blocks together. Good for you for pulling out an old UFO. I haven't unearthed my box that has UFO's in it and don't plan to while we are in the rental home. Although I did keep seperated a couple quilts in progress to work on while here. :) See by blog for my latest project.

    Strings are the perfect BRAINLESS sewing project!! Is your friend making them too? Jealous that you have someone to sew with!!

    Love how you said, 1 block a week... should get done this year... yep, we've all said that before!

    Love from Indiana! ~bonnie