Monday, January 4, 2010

It died.

The camera, that is. Our camera is dead. It bit. the. dust. Or rather, maybe hit. the. floor. is a little more accurate. Either way, it really put a damper on a post I had planned for this week. I wanted to do a "day in our life" post about our homeschool. It was going to be awesome. I mean balloons, streamers, fireworks....ok, not really. But I mean we're an average, suburban family who homeschools their children. What person wouldn't be fascinated by reading that post? HA!

Oh, and here's a funny story with which to leave you. Its no secret that we're cheap. We prefer frugal, but come on. Its time to call a duck a duck, right? We're cheap. Anyhoo, my family totally thinks we're all of bunch of crazy people. They do. Its true. My brother even commented about it on my very first blog post. So anyway, we don't have cable because we don't want to spend the money and I know if we did, I'd sit and watch Food Network all day and make everything Paula Deen can dream up. And we all know that's not a good idea! We also happen to have DSL for our internet service. We're on a desktop because the dog killed the laptop a few years ago. We just haven't gotten around to upgrading yet. So how did you like my funny story? Just kidding. I haven't gotten to the funny part yet. My mom comes out to visit for each of the boys' birthdays. Its very convenient that they are exactly six months apart. A co worker asked her if she was going to bring her laptop so she could answer work emails and my mom said "No, I'm visiting my daughter and they don't have cable, they don't have wireless, they don't get a newspaper and they homeschool their children!!!" Jason says "Wow, that's when I realized we were 'those people'!!" Ok, that's the funny part. I'm sorry, but I just think that's hilarious. Is it only me? Maybe. Humor me, ok? ; )

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  1. He he - does anyone really take the paper any more? We don't. We do, however, have cable...and I don't watch it at all during the day - big waste of money probably, but anyway, we also have DSL...phones through the cable line....we homeschool...maybe we're on the border of being 'those people' - hmmm.