Monday, January 4, 2010


Do you remember that Haley Joel Osmet movie, The Sixth Sense? Remember that line, "I see dead people."

Imagine him saying that line, but with my face. And my voice. And with the words "I collect bed sheets." *shivers* I KNOW! Its totally creepy, right? It gives me nightmares.

I do. I collect them. Vintage ones. Puuuuurrrty Ones. Percale blend ones. Mmmmmm, percale. Anyhoo, does anyone else collect them?
I've been thinking its probably time I do something with them. Because I'm drowning. I can't stop buying them. I have a huge plastic tub filled with them. And I just bought three more yesterday. Its a sickness. So, I have a pattern in mind. Does anyone want to quilt a long with me? Its a quick and easy pattern I designed several years ago. Its a simple one block pattern. The blocks are 10" and there is no secondary design, so you can make as many or as few blocks as you like. Of course, you don't have to use bed sheets, but then your quilt won't look as pretty as mine. (I'm kidding!). This quilt looks great scrappy, or with a fat quarter pack of a single fabric line. Or you could just go nuts. I'm known for doing that occasionally. So anyway, do you want to play along? Leave a comment, link here on your blog, tell your mom, rent a plane with one of those flaggy message thingy's. Shout it from your rooftops. Oh, sorry, I got a little carried away. If you want to play along just let me know. It will probably be at least another week or two before I get started. Go sit and fondle your stash (you know you want to) and find a good selection of fabrics and then come back here and tell me you want to play. Because otherwise I might cry.


  1. Thinking.....I have some charm squares that need to be made into a quilt - they're in "blues" - I could do it half the size of yours :) I need to make them into a quilt for my 5, almost 6 year old...maybe somehow I can play along!

  2. my stash is low, so I need to go thrifting for my swap:)

  3. See, yet another incidence where you and I are similar. I have a whole dresser full of vintage sheets! I'm sick too! I can't wait to see what you plan on doing with them, I might play along.

    Thanks for your note today. It's been a rough day for me and hearing from you made me feel better. I have actually already checked out your green smothie blog, and I am intrigued. I am so tired of being sick ALL! THE! TIME! I have been sick most of my life, and I am so done with it.