Thursday, March 11, 2010

"We've got a problem; we need to reboot"

Its a bit lengthy, but ssoo worth the watch. I can't wait until his show airs later this month!


  1. I watched that too, and I agree with him 100%!
    I work in a school and I see the things our kids eat for lunch every day.

    There is no way I would take my kids to lunch at a fast food place every day for lunch, but that's exactly what is being served in their school.

    Chicken nuggets
    French Fries

    And watching the kids go through and make their selections, very few of the kids chose a vegetable unless it's carrots with ranch dip. Very few of them chose a fruit unless it's the frozen juice pops.

    It's no wonder that we are all dying young, and our kids are even worse off! Before my kids started school they ate all kinds of vegetables, and now it's like I am trying to kill them if I put a veggie on their plate at dinner.

    Something needs to be done, we are quickly killing ourselves with the food we put in our bodies.

    Ok, end of rant LOL

  2. Great Blog you have here. Thanks or posting this clip I can't wait until the show starts.

    As you know I am eating better then ever, but it's not just me. I'm feeding my family better and trying to educate my girls about food.
    This clip has gotten me thinking that I need to take it to the next level and have them cook with me every night.