Monday, March 15, 2010

Clean A Thon...

Well, the boys and I all woke up sick this morning. What a bummer! That seems to happen whenever I schedule a clean along. Maybe I'm mentally adverse to cleaning? Huh, something to ponder!

Instead of postponing today's Clean A Thon, though I'm going to post the things I was planning to do today so you can all still play along. If I feel better this afternoon, I may try to tackle some of these chores.

Junk Drawers: We all have them. Some are junkier than others. Some have more than one. I have three. Two in my kitchen (you know, those small tiny drawers that just take up space but have no real purprose.) They just seem to collect junk. I also have one in my bathroom. Well, that's more of a whole junk space! LOL!! So today's first assignment is to go through your junk drawers and clean out all of the junk and reorganize the essentials. That means tossing out that electric blue mascara circa 1987. What? I'm the only one? Rubbish!

Pantry: I know I'm not the only one that has obscure random ingredients hiding in my pantry, scratching my head trying to remember why I bought them in the first place. Right? RIGHT? Let's cull those ingredients and put them in a bag or box heading for our local food bank. For those of us that are still thriving in this downturned economy, let's do a little sharing while we're doing a little Spring Cleaning, shall we?

Oh, and while your pantry is empty, let's wipe down those shelves, too. There you have it. Easy Peasy, right? If I get this stuff done this afternoon I'll let ya know. Stay tuned tomorrow. We're diving into our world of plastic containers! You know, the ones who eat their own lids and multiply when we aren't looking? Yea, their days are numbered!

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  1. I got rid of over half our plastic containers (need to get rid of more) and replaced them with glass containers from Costco. The bottoms are glass and the tops are the plastic that snaps on. We love them!

    ~ Sarah