Thursday, February 18, 2010

The best part of homeschooling????

Kids in traditional schools love snow days because they get to play hookey, right? (Well, maybe not this year, as from what I gather on FB all of my East Coast friends are totally OVER snow days). BUT, as a homeschool family, we play hookey on SUNdays! Not Sunday, as in church day, but SUNday as in "OMGoodness, we live in the Pacific Northwest and its Feb and its acutally sunny outside!!" We got our lessons done quickly and headed to the park! Its a picture heavy post because I'm having way too much fun with my new camera!

This boy has loved to swing since the day he was born. He cried when we finally took his baby swing out to the garage. When I found him standing up in it, looking over the back of the swing, I knew it was time. He still loves to swing, though.

That's right, boys. Run, run like the wind. Run now, so you'll STOP doing it in my house!!

REAAAAAACCCCHH!!! Carte tried to jump and grab the monky bars at least five times. Each time he thought he was "so close." Finally Jason lifted him up. It was getting sort of pathetic to watch.

Different monky bars, same idea........REEEAAAAACCCHHH!!!!

Hang on buddy! Hang on!!!

Look at those faces! How could we stay inside at the table doing math problems and writing spelling words?


  1. there for a minute I didn't think I was gonna be able to comment on your blog either... but then I realized I have to scroll back up to the top to find the link ;)

    What a fun day you guys had playing at the park! That's great too that Jason was home and could go! ;)

    Love all the photos - I know how bad you've been missing having a working camera!!!! I gave up on the idea of buying a new one, and used scotch tape to put mine back together :{

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  2. Look at that fabulous green grass!! Love it!

  3. Looks like a great day - physical education - it could be a field day - remember those in school? :) We sometimes have school on snow days (we don't get snow much) and spend a few hours in the snow as well - then when we really want to take a day off it's not a big deal - FLEXIBLE - yay!