Tuesday, December 20, 2011

2012 UFO List

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This is my little shelf that holds my current projects. Should I be embarrassed to tell you that it hasn't changed in two years? And there are more WIPS/UFOs that this shelf can handle?

After taking about an 18 month hiatus from quilting, I'm so ready to jump back in full monty. Unfortunately all of the things that took me away from quilting (namely: LIFE) are still ever so present in my life. I'm learning to pace myself. BALANCE. BALANCE. BALANCE. If I say it often enough will it seep into my brain and actually stay there? Let's hope so!

Here's my current list of UFOs that I plan to work on in 2012. I have no delusions about finishing all of them this year. I plan to prioritize them and work on them accordingly ~ while throwing in a new project here and there ~ but 2012 is going to all about working through the WIPs and the stash. Wish me luck!

~*~ Edited to strike through first three ~*~
After actually reading the info on the UFO Challenge, (from last year) I realized I needed a list of 12 quilts. The first three are actually WIPs and have a deadline. So, okay, now I'm actually playing by the rules. Phew....I'm a rule follower.

Boys' Bed Quilts (one needs border, one is in blocks)
Irish Chain Quilt (still working on blocks)
Parker's Quilt (needs quilting)

1. Molly's Quilt (basted, needs quilting)
2. Barney's Blocks (partially quilted)
3. Christmas Lights (not even sure I'm going to keep going with this one....)
4. Ainsley's Quilt (in blocks, poor girl.....)
5. Bee Blocks from my Flickr Quilt Bee (collection of blocks, not even sure how many)
6. Mom's Quilt (blocks are done)
7. Figgy Pudding Charm Quilt (charms are sewn into rows)
8. Old Red Barn Quilt A long (this was from a few years ago, blocks are done)
9. Tranquiltity Charm Quilt (needs borders)
10. Asian Coins (top done, needs to be quilted)
11. RWB Strings Quilt (a swap I was in, need to sort through the blocks)
12. 30s Strings Quilt (same as above)

And then I have a box of UFOs that aren't quilts, just other projects that I'd worked on off and on...to be honest, most of them I don't even care about. I need to pull the box out and see what's in there and decide what to do with all of it.

Phew....that list made me tired just typing it out!! Let's keep our fingers crossed that I get that Juki just so I can get to work on this list!!


  1. Good luck!! You can do it. I like how Judy picks a number. It seemed to help me stay a little more focused this last year. maybe that will help you to? Good luck!!

  2. Good Idea! I think once I prioritize them, I'll pick a number and try to get at least that many finished! Good Luck to you also!

  3. I know you can do it! Good luck getting through the list!

  4. This looks like a very doable list. Good luck and have fun working on your quilts. I'll be cheering you on!

  5. I have had the same trouble the past year with life getting in the way of my quilting...the nerve! :)

    I look forward to working along with you and everyone else to finish these UFOs!

  6. You've got the right idea - balance...make sure to make time, even if it's just a little bit every week, to quilt. Having this challenge helped me immensely in the last year - forced me into the sewing room when I wasn't feeling particularly inspired and I got 11/12 finished and am struggling with #12. As for having 12 projects exactly - I don't think Judy would send the quilt police after you if you only had 3! Good luck and enjoy the process!