Saturday, January 1, 2011

Finding Balance

Hello out there????

Wow, it's pretty dusty around here. I think it's time to knock down the cobwebs and spruce this place up a bit.

The last 12-18 months have been doozies. It's as if a great big wrecking ball swung through my life and left a path of distruction in its wake.

I completely let the house go, I fell (way) behind in homeschooling, I've fincked out on some quilting committments and I just plain checked out of life for a while.

Then I joined a gym and started working out. The cobwebs in my brain started to clear and I was seeing life through new eyes. I hated what I saw. I used the month of December and pretty much did nothing but clean and tidy and purge. I'm not even done yet, but I have such a feeling of relief already.

My new challenge and my goal for 2011 is going to be finding a balance. Making time for me and the things I enjoy, while still being available to care for my family. My whole life I've lived in an "all or nothing" state. Quilting? It consumes everything until....Homeschooling? That's got my full focus.....joining the gym? I'm there, everyday, for hours.....

Welcome to 2011. The year of balance. I hope to be around here a bit more often. Look for more sewing projects, more homeschool info and just basically, some more of ME :)

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  1. good luck with your quest to find balance. i am also on a similar quest. for me, balance seems to come and go at times, but when it's here, it is oh so good.