Sunday, April 11, 2010

Holy Moly Cow!!!

"A thrifting we will go, a thrifting we will go, high ho the diary o, a thrifting we will go."

WOW. That's pretty much all I can say. I have never gone thrifting on a Sunday evening before, but I'm beginning to think that's my new spot. The stores were dead and I hit the jackpot. More than once!! First up: PYREX!!

please ignore the mess in the background, we're having storage issues with our homeschool supplies

All of this Pyrex was found tonight. In a total of three stores. The majority of it found at one store. It was heavenly. I did observe a moment of silence. It was while I was attempting to stifle my screams. The most expensive piece was $6. Most pieces were under $3.

Check out all of the gorgeous, vintage bias tape and rick rack. Its polka dots! Seriously! They had a ton of it.

And the sheets....oh the sheets they had. I almost cried when I saw these beauties in their original packages! Seriously, I had a hard time composing myself.
And then check all of these out! My kitchen/dining room is such a cluttered mess right now. It looks like Goodwill threw up in my house. And I'm lovin' it!!


  1. You did wonderful! Everytime I go into a place and see pyrex, I think of you! :)

  2. Dang dude! Look at alllll that Pyrex! I love it! I love the pyrex canisters with the twisty tops, I look for them everywhere I go! I have one of the big brown bowls, I love to mix cookies in it!

  3. Lots of fun things! I am totally drooling over the polka dot bias tape, what an awesome find!

  4. I LOVE Pyrex! I not only love it~ I use it and sell it. It's the best for a shower gift!

  5. I am super JEALOUS!!! What great finds! That pie plate makes me drool! And the sheets, FABULOUS! I have been collecting sheets for years, but never had that great of a haul in one trip!!! Those are great!